Free & Secure Community Shred Day in Clermont County

Batavia, Ohio – Safeguard your identity, clear your home of paper clutter and help protect the environment, all in one event!  The Clermont County Community Shred Day is a free, environmentally friendly and secure way for county citizens to safely dispose of private documents.  The event will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2013, from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. at the Clermont County Department of Job and Family Services parking lot, located at 2400 Clermont Center Drive in Batavia.

Ms. Barb Brown, Clermont County Records Center Manager, announces, “It’s that time of year again for our popular Community Shred Day event! Like always, we are partnering with Cintas Document Management for this free event that is available to all citizens and businesses in the county.” The Clermont County Records Center invites all Clermont County citizens and businesses to bring boxes or bags of their documents, which will be securely shredded by the Cintas Mobile Shredding Unit.  Three ring binders will not be accepted. “It doesn’t matter if the documents contain staples, paper clips or rubber bands. Just pack them up and bring them! This is a safe and secure way to ensure that your personal information is destroyed.” said Brown.


Before tossing out old bank records, tax statements, and credit card offers, think about the importance of safeguarding your identity. Identity theft is a big problem locally and across the country. “It’s unbelievable what thieves will do to get your name, address, and social security number. They go through trash, break into cars and steal personal documents from just about anywhere to apply for credit cards,” stated Clermont County Sheriff Rodenberg. “Unfortunately, by the time the victim realizes that their identity has been stolen; serious damage has been done to their credit history.”


Shredding your unwanted documents also helps protect the environment and decreases the amount of recyclable materials entering the landfills!  Hannah Gonzalez, Project Manager of the Clermont County Office of Environmental Quality, explains, “Paper makes up the largest proportion of trash thrown away by Americans.  Recycling paper during Shred Day can significantly reduce the amount of material going to landfills and reduce the amount of natural resources used to make new paper.”


Ms. Brown recommends that citizens retain personal tax returns for seven years and bank statements for three years. For more information about the free Clermont County Shred Day, sponsored by the Clermont Records Center and Cintas, call 513-735-8660.


“We have had great response to past Shred Days from both residents and businesses. We really enjoy interacting with the citizens and they always express how grateful they are for the free service,” said Brown. “People can put their records in boxes or bags, bring it to the collection site and watch them be destroyed. The Cintas high speed units pulverize the paper; there is no way it can be retrieved.”


Watch interview with Ms. Barb Brown, Clermont County Records Center Manager, concerning Community Shred Day events and the importance of shredding:



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