Clermont County Promotes Fair Housing Rights

On April 24, the Board of Clermont County Commissioners issued a Proclamation designating the month of April 2013 to be “Fair Housing Month” in Clermont County. This April marked the 45th Anniversary of the passage of the Federal Fair Housing Act. The Act establishes the right for a person to choose where they live and to live there with dignity and without discrimination. The Fair Housing Act ensures the accessibility of all forms of available housing to all people regardless of certain racial, cultural or physical factors such as color, national origin, religion, disability status, family size, or familial status.

Annette Decatur the Clermont County Department of Community & Economic Development Grant Coordinator and Elizabeth Brown the Executive Director of Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) presented an overview regarding the laws included in the Fair Housing Act. HOME was formed the same year as the Federal Fair Housing Act was passed, their mission is to eliminate housing discrimination and help communities to build stable integrated neighborhoods. Brown stated, “Most people do not realize that Fair Housing protects more than the rights of people concerning race. It is just as illegal under the law to deny housing to people with children as it is to deny opportunities based on race.” Brown added, “The law considers them the same type of discrimination. “The Fair Housing Act also protects women from sexual harassment in their housing situation. “Women have the right to feel safe in their home,” said Brown.

The Board of Clermont County Commissioners closed by acknowledging their endorsement and commitment to the Federal Fair Housing Act and to celebrating its 45 years of success in Ohio. “We encourage all citizens to acquaint themselves with these laws set in place to protect their rights to fair housing,” stated the President of the Board of Clermont County Commissioners, Ed Humphrey.

Citizens are encouraged to visit the HOME website at If a Clermont County resident has an inquiry regarding housing discrimination or feels that they have experienced any type of housing discrimination issues, call 513-732-7286 for assistance.

Pictured above: President of the Board of Clermont County Commissioners, Ed Humphrey, presented the “Fair Housing Month” Proclamation to Annette Decatur and Elizabeth Brown.