Choose To Be Healthy In 2013!

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January 4, 2013

Choose To Be Healthy in 2013


Batavia, Ohio.  The Clermont Coalition for Activity and Nutrition (CAN) wishes everyone a happy, healthy new year.  A new year means new resolutions.  Some of us choose to read more books, learn how to knit or call our friends more often.  More commonly we choose to lose those extra pounds we put on over the holidays and get to the gym more often.  If your resolutions are in the latter category then congratulations, you’ve taken the first steps to that happier, healthier life you deserve.  Here are some simple tips to help make your 2013 resolutions succeed.

Make physical activity a family affair.  Build it into your daily routine.  While going to the gym is great, however, if you can’t go then taking a walk with your family is also great.  Bundle up and go out for walks or maybe even have a snowball fight.  If you don’t like the cold then try the mall.  If you live alone, find a partner or better yet, get a dog.  Dogs will walk with you rain or shine and will never complain about it!  If you have physical limitations then swimming or chair exercises can be good options.  Make sure you are active at least 2 ½ hours each week

If your resolution involves weight loss then healthy eating is a part of your plan.  Forget the crazy diets and make simple changes to the way you eat. Healthy eating is all about balance.    It’s really hard to deny yourself your favorite high calorie foods forever – so be realistic.  Cut back on the number of times you eat them and try half the amount you would usually eat.  You might even try a lower calorie version of your favorite food substituting low-fat ingredients when possible. 

Choose healthy snacks like carrots, fruits or nuts and make sure you don’t have cookies and chips in easy reach.  Pay attention to what you drink.  A regular can of soda or a small sweet tea represents 150 calories.  Substituting diet soda or unsweetened tea one meal each day of the week represents a whopping 1,050 calories.

Remember, when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime, the bottom line is – calories count! Weight management is all about balancing the number of calories you consume with the number of calories your body “burns off.”  In order to lose weight, the calories going in must be less than the calories used whether your calories come from carbs or protein, sodas or sweets. 

If your new year’s resolution includes healthy eating or increased activity then let Clermont CAN’s simple vision be your guide:  Be Active, Eat Smart and you’ll be off to a good start.  You’ve already taken the most important step and that’s getting started. Now just stick with it. You CAN do it!

Article Provided By: Marty Lambert.  Lambert is the Health Commissioner for Clermont County and an active participant in Clermont CAN.  For more information go to and click on the CAN logo in the upper left hand corner.


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